About Us

An interdisciplinary committee at the Capital District Health Authority (CDHA) in Halifax, Nova Scotia initiated the “This is not my Mom” campaign in June 2012 to increase awareness among health professionals and families of people at risk of delirium. The committee is comprised of members from the Centre for Health Care of the Elderly (CHCE), the Helping Elderly Adults Live Their Healthiest (HEALTH) Committee and Geriatric Medicine Research (GMR).


Members of the Advisory Committee include:

Susan Freter, MD, FRCPC – Geriatrician, Capital Health

Kenneth Rockwood, MD, FRCPC, FRCP – Geriatrician, Capital Health

Chris MacKnight, MD, MSc, FRCPC – Geriatrician, Capital Health

Susan Bowles, PharmD, MSc, FCCP – Clinical Coordinator, Capital Health

Patricia Bilski, MN, RN, GNC(C) – Clinical Nurse Specialist, Veterans’ Services

Heather MacLeod, BSc OT Reg (NS) – Geriatric Assessor, Capital Health


Credits for our PSA video:

Daughter: Kathryn Hominck (volunteer actor & social worker at GMR)

Mother: Barb Mulrooney (volunteer actor)

Doctor: Steve Keeling  (volunteer actor)

Film production: Spider Video


Funding was obtained from the Evelyn Negus Fund which supports Geriatric Education at the CDHA.